30 packets of jujube and rooibos (medicinal tea)

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[Continuous support! 30 tea bags]
A medicinal tea with plenty of Japanese and Chinese plants.
It is blended so that even those who say "Chinese medicine may have a little resistance .." can drink it comfortably.

-When you want to be aware of the tour-
It is recommended when you want warmth when the biorhythm is not adjusted.
Note) Not recommended for pregnant women.

~ Taste ~
It is characterized by the mellow scent of safflower, the refreshing scent of angelica acutiloba, and the slight sweetness of jujube.

~ Commitment ~
Condensing the wisdom of Chinese medicine experts.
Domestically produced medicine is used for safflower, angelica acutiloba, and Buddha's hand citrus.
Soilon (biomass material made from plant starch) is used for the tea bag.

Ingredients: Natsume, rooibos, safflower, dried ginger, angelica acutiloba, Tokiha Contents: 3.9g x 30 Tea bag Expiration date: March 2023 How to eat: Steam 180-200ml of boiling water for 5 minutes or more. Please give me.