30 ginseng and rose hips [Reservation privilege "Round Natsume" 110g included! ]

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[Continuous support! 30-pack deals Bag] + [Reservation privilege "Round Natsume" 110g]
The second body herbal tea series of "more than tea, less than Chinese medicine", ginseng and rose hips. As a reservation privilege, one bag of 110g of "Round Natsume" recommended by the staff is included.

The body herbal tea series is a medicinal tea that can be comfortably taken by those who say, "Chinese medicine may be a little uncomfortable .."

~ When you want to be particular about beauty ~
"Ginseng and Rosehip" is a beauty blend that uses steamed red ginseng, the king of crude drugs. The balance of sourness and sweetness helps to nourish the energy without leaking the supplemented energy to the outside of the body. The content and taste are popular regardless of age or gender.

~ Taste ~
It is characterized by its acidity and sweetness, which is woven only with naturally derived crude drugs. Please enjoy the bright colors.

~ Commitment ~
Condensing the wisdom of Chinese medicine experts.
Ginseng is domestically produced.
Soilon (biomass material made from plant starch) is used for the tea bag.

Ingredients: Rosehip, Hibiscus, Ginseng, Stevia, Licorice Contents: 4g x 30 Tea bag Expiration date: May 2023 How to eat: Steam 180-200ml of boiling water for 5 minutes or more.